Come to us if you wish to avail the following services:

Cellphone repair

We are cellphone repair scientists. We repair all parts of cellphones including camera, home button, volume rockers, touchscreens, PDAs and batteries. Just bring your phone to one of our outlets and we will have it repaired in no time. We are some of the best hands available in the smartphone repair market and you can trust us by the mark of the collar.

Selling and buying with us

Are you looking to sell an old phone? It is easy done with us. All you need to do is bring your phone to one of our outlets and we look into the ifs and buts of the parts inside. We give you a fair price assessment and you can have your own take on it. If you are pleased and if we do not find any other reason to reject, we may either look you a buyer or buy the phone from you ourselves.

We also sell used phones to customers who would be interested. If you are among those who like to collect phones or are genuinely considering buying a used phone, drop by our place and you will have enough options to choose from.