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New Cases and Covers are Giving New Life to Old Phones    

A girl holds in hands with bright red manicure mobile phone and phone case

There is a reason some people consider not replacing their old phones with new ones. There are some that believe this happens because people do not want to come out of the comfort zones they have created for themselves. But that does not hold true for most cases. Some are also sticking to their phones because of the wide range of covers available for phones.

Look at the available options

There is a wide range of options available in covers of phones. Some common types include flip covers, back covers and side bezels. There are also plenty of other options in designer cases.

Flip covers: Flip covers are all the rage in the market for a number of reasons. These are considered very sturdy since they protect the entire body of the phone including the screen. Since they have a magnetic lock for the screen, you can expect them not to give away to pressure.

Back covers: The back covers constitute to be some of the sturdiest covers in the industry. These are also among the most stylish covers available in the market. There is a range of designs are patterns in which these covers are available. Common designs include movie posters, abstract patterns, floral designs and solid colors.

But the back covers are not as protective as flip or diary cases. Although they have raised guards that protect against front facing falls, the phone is susceptible to sharp or pointed object collision on falling.

Side bumpers: The side bumpers have been a recent rendition in the highly congested world of smartphone covers. These have been there for the taking and more and more people have been opting for these covers lately. This protects the phone from side, back and front falls. But these are again susceptible to falling flat on the face.

Theme and custom covers: These have become the rage of the town all over again and there are many reasons people are looking at these as alternatives for good work. Some believe that the custom covers are only back covers that have an advanced resemblance to the back covers. Photo printing is also another valuable option that people have been opting for as far as these covers are concerned.

Some of the costliest covers and cases in the mobile market are available now. If you are clinging on to your old phone, you might as well give umpteen justifications. But now is the time when you can add a new cover to the kitty and your phone might just not remain old anymore.  

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