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Mobile Phone Battery: How to Save Charge on a Busy Day

Phone charging with energy bank. Depth of field on Power bank

The charge on the battery of your phone should ideally last for a day. There are several people that complain about the battery life and in most of these days, the battery does not seem to last for the day. Also, if it is a busy day when you make a lot of calls, it can be a real deal to make the battery last from morning to night.

Here are a few quick ways to save on battery charge when you jostle through a busy day.

Do not take a lot of charge off

Most people that are concerned about the charge on the phone are actually those who do not know how to start the day with a battery full on charge. If you do not start with a full battery, you are more likely to end short of power as the day comes to an end.

If you are travelling, you should highly consider starting your day with a battery that is completely charged.

Charge regularly

Be regular with mobile charging. Do not consider charging as an alternative option that can be carried out every other day. Modern smartphones are all just about delivering one working day of charge and you should do well to stick to this limit if you are not too concerned about falling off charge.

Cut on the music

Do not listen to music on your phone if you have an alternative arrangement. There can be a separate arrangement for those looking for a high music environment. If you do not have a music player and have no alternative option, consider using the headphones. That would save you a lot of charge when you consider the number of hours you listen to music.   

Install a charge monitoring app

There are many such apps available both for free and charge. Consider installing one of them. But be warned. Most of these apps do nothing but tell you the number of hours available on the phone. See if these apps work for the betterment of the phone.

Plan on the number of standby hours

The number of standby hours is something that you should closely consider when looking at the amount of charge left on your phone. Also, look at the number of hours left when performing specific activities. That should give you an idea about the number of specific hours left on the charge when you are doing some special activity.   

Avoid VoIP

It is important to avoid using voice over internet protocol when charging the phone. There are people who consider this very highly and some of them should actually avoid this.

Use a portable charger

Using a portable charger also helps you in adding charge to the phone on the go. Some believe the portable charger is the way forward for those who travel frequently.   

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