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The iPhone Home Button Can Now be Fixed at Home

Alushta Russia - November 5 2015: Woman holding a iPhone 6S Rose Gold with social networking service Twitter on the screen. iPhone 6S was created and developed by the Apple inc.

The iPhone Home Button is something that people have been complaining for a while now. There had been relentless complains from most customers, especially after the warranty gets over and people get no more free help from Apple. In that case, you should not believe that there is no other option to professional repair. It is even possible to fix the home button sitting at home. Here are four easy tips that will help you get through.

Try the calibration first

On several occasions, it is a simple software glitch that gets the home button acting like it was on some sedative. All you need to do is calibrate the phone properly. There is an option to do that in the stock settings of your iPhone. Find the settings bar, go to the general settings option and then find the accessibility option. You may then select calibrate. That would calibrate the touch screen. If there is a glitch with the device software, it would get resolved here itself.

If you are not lucky with the calibration, you could try the next method.

USB plug

The USB dock of the iPhone often gets misplaced, causing the phone to lose shape and makes it incompatible with most of the available software. You can fix this simply by connecting the phone with a 30 pin connector. Once done, dock the phone gently and make sure there is no external influence. Just keep shaking the dock and hope if there is any disorientation, it will get fixed by itself.

Clean the home button

The iPhone home button can become really unresponsive if it is not cleaned. There can be some realy great news for you if you are willing to make the cut. Cleaning the phone is possible with a chemical 98 percent propyl alcohol. Make sure to drop just two drops right on the home button. Avoid the screen. Then use a dull object like the back of a pencil to make the solution enter the under lying frame of the button.

In case none amongst the above methods work, you can try the on-screen home button.

On-screen home button

There is an on-screen home button in most iPhone models. This can be found in the accessibility option in the Settings menu. Once this option is selected, you will find a small circle appears in the bottom centre of the phone. There is more than the home option in the phone.   

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